Prunus spp.
Delicious summer treats, Plums bear abundant crops in our region and throughout the U.S. All of our Plum varieties are great for fresh eating and the Italian, Brooks, and other European varieties can be dried for delicious and nutritious winter snacks.
Imperial Epineuse
Prunus x domestica
Very sweet and richly flavorful, Imperial Epineuse is one of the most delicious European Plums. This attractive, large, reddish-purple fruit with firm yellow flesh is great for fresh eating and good for drying. 1506
Prunus x domestica
This dark purple, freestone Plum features sweet and delicious, firm, amber flesh. Great for fresh eating and excellent for drying. this European variety is productive, reliable and easy to grow. Italian ripens in late August into September 1530
Prunus domestica subsp. insititia
This highly regarded variety features round, yellow fruit with firm, tender, sweet and delectable, yellow flesh. Mirabelle plums are great for fresh eating and canning and make delicious jam and baked goods. 1531
Prunus spp.
A beautiful tree with deep red foliage, Nichols bears abundant crops of large, delicious, dark red plums with red flesh. 1532
Prunus x domestica
One of the largest of the Gage Plums, Oullins fruit is firm, sweet and tender with greenish-yellow flesh and pale gold skin. Oullins is a very reliable and productive variety. 1538
Petite Prune D’Agen
Prunus x domestica
This unique and very popular French variety was brought to the US over 100 years ago. Petite’s dark purple, sweet and delicious fruit is great for fresh eating and is one of the best plums for drying and making prunes. 1519
Santa Rosa
Prunus salicina
This popular Japanese Plum bears bumper crops of very large, round, purplish-red fruit. Very sweet and flavorful, Santa Rosa is great for fresh eating and canning. 1547
Prunus salicina
This superior Japanese Plum features striking, large, dark red fruit. Great for fresh eating and preserves, Satsuma fruit is firm, sweet and juicy with bright red flesh. 1535
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