Olea europaea
Beautiful and compact evergreen trees, Olives are prized for their ornamental value as well as for their delicious and nutritious fruit. Our unique and hardy Olive varieties can be grown in the Maritime Northwest and other regions where winter temperatures do not fall below 10°F. Olives are wind-pollinated and most varieties require another variety nearby to ensure good crops.
(Nikitsaya cv.) This unique and valuable introduction from the Nikita Botanic Garden has proven itself a reliable producer in our region of large, flavorful olives. Early ripening, the fruit is good for making green or black olives and tasty olive oil. 4049
Star of Crimea™
(Krimskaya Zvezda cv.) This new and promising variety is prized for its flavorful, early ripening fruit. 4056
(Universalnaya cv.) Universal™ is prized for its abundant crops of large, green olives and for oil production. 4058
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