Morus spp.
Widely grown and very popular in the Middle East, Central Asia and many regions of the world, Mulberry is also a popular fruit in central and eastern regions of the U.S. Mulberry trees are prized for their ornamental value as well as for their fruit. Mulberry fruit resembles a blackberry and is very juicy, sweet and flavorful. Our Mulberry varieties are self-fertile, hardy to minus 25°F, well adapted to most soils, and are happy in partial to full sun.
Contorted Mulberry
Morus bombycis 'Unryu'
Prized for its gnarled and twisted branches, this unique variety grows to only 6 to 8 feet in height and bears tasty jet-black berries. 3612
Early Bird
Morus spp.
We found this variety in California many years ago. It is prized for its abundant crops of very early ripening, sweet and flavorful, jet black fruit. Look for Early Bird fruit in June and enjoy it fresh or dry it for a delicious winter snack. Easy to grow, Early Bird features large, dark green foliage and makes a fine addition to any landscape. 3614
Illinois Everbearing
Morus alba x rubra
This attractive, medium size tree bears abundant, tasty, 1-1/2 inch long fruit. The juicy, bluish-black fruit begins ripening in late June and continues to ripen over a six to eight week period. 3620
Nikita White™
Morus alba
(Staroye Derevo #2 cv.) Brought from the Nikita Botanic Garden many years ago, this unique variety features a naturally compact growth habit and produces abundant crops of sweet and tasty, white fruit. Great for fresh eating, it is also good for drying. 3606
Weeping Mulberry
Morus alba pendula
An attractive accent plant for the yard or in a pot on the patio or deck, this exotic ornamental and fruiting plant grows 6 to 8 feet in height and bears small, sweet, jet-black fruit. 3640
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