Vitis spp.
One of the world's most popular and oldest cultivated fruits, Grapes have been grown for over 5000 years. Grapevines bring lush beauty to your landscape and are easy to grow on an arbor, fence or trellis. We offer seedless, sweet and delicious, disease-resistant table grapes and superior varieties of wine grapes, plus varieties prized for their ornamental value.
Pinot noir Dijon 115
Vitis vinifera
This early ripening, Pinot fin type produces moderate yields of small berries with high sugar content, intense flavor and excellent color Growing best in cool climates, the berries reliably develop excellent color. This variety is capable of producing lush red wines of great elegance and finesse. 8859
Seedless Blue Muscat (NY 65.483.2)
Vitis spp.
A delicious taste treat, this unique variety bears large, tight clusters of very sweet, juicy and intensely flavorful, dark blue fruit with delectable, muscat flavor, Seedless Blue Muscat is disease-resistant and ripens in mid to late September. 8845
Sweet Lace™
Vitis vinifera ‘Chasselas Ciotat’
This rare and unique French variety is prized for its unusual and beautiful, finely cut foliage. Originally grown as a table grape and for wine production, Sweet Lace™ bears good crops of sweet white Grapes with small seeds. 8812
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