Ribes spp.
A favorite fruit for Europeans, most Americans have not had the opportunity to taste these delicious berries. Attractive additions to yards and landscapes, these very hardy, upright growing shrubs are a striking sight in fruit, with large clusters of pink, red, white or black berries cascading down the heavily laden branches. Currants are rich in antioxidants and are much higher in Vitamin C than oranges. Red, White and Pink Currants are basically different forms of the same species. Currants are self-fertile and hardy to minus 40°F. or below.
Ribes nigrum
From Holland, this superior variety is the earliest to ripen of all our selections. Vigorous and easy to grow, we appreciate its abundant crops of large, sweet and flavorful, jet black berries. 4882
Swedish White
Ribes rubrum
Swedish White is prized for its striking, large clusters of flavorful, sweet, and translucent berries. 4925
White Pearl
Ribes rubrum
This classic White Currant from Holland bears abundant, attractive, sweet and flavorful berries. European gardeners have grown and enjoyed these t large and tasty berries for many years. 4910
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