Cornelian Cherry
Cornus mas
A unique species of Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry is both a fine ornamental and, with our unique Ukrainian varieties, a producer of delicious and attractive fruit. Very early blooming, the charming frost-hardy yellow flowers of Cornelian Cherry appear in late February and are followed by large, fire-engine red or bright yellow fruit. An attractive shrub or small tree, Cornelian Cherry grows slowly to 10 to 12 feet in height and is hardy to minus 30°F. For fruit, two varieties are required for cross-pollination.
Add $.50 royalty to the price of each Cornelian Cherry tree.
Coral Blaze™
(Koraloviy Marka cv.) This recently introduced Ukrainian variety, Coral Blaze™ is very disease resistant and bears good crops of large, sweet, flavorful fruit. The striking, bright red fruit is good for fresh eating and makes delicious preserves. 3809
(Elegantii cv.) One of our favorite varieties, Elegant™ bears heavy crops of striking, red, long, pear-shaped, tasty fruit. 3814
(Ekzoticheskiy cv.) This unique Ukrainian variety is prized for its very large, sweet and delicious fruit, good for fresh eating, preserves and compote. Exotica™ is also an easy to grow, disease-resistant, ornamental shrub with profuse, late winter, yellow flowers followed by abundant crops of dark red fruit. 3819
(Lukyanovskii cv.) A beautiful and very productive Cornelian Cherry variety, Pioneer™ bears abundant crops of large, pear-shaped, dark red fruit. 3849
Red Dawn™
(Siretski cv.) This valuable Ukrainian variety bears good crops of large, bright red fruit with a pleasing, sweet-tart flavor. Red Dawn™ is particularly easy to grow and disease resistant. 3863
Red Star™
(Vidubetskii cv.) A very productive variety, Red Star™ bears good crops of exceptionally large, glossy, dark red, tasty fruit. 3856
(Marina cv.) This unique variety bears good crops of attractive, sweet and flavorful fruit. Resembling a small Japanese plum, Sunrise™ fruit has red stripes on pinkish-red skin and is great for fresh eating and preserves. 3840
(U-26 cv.) An early ripening selection from the Kyiv Botanic Garden in Ukraine, Svitlana™ features good crops of large, very sweet and flavorful fruit. Disease-resistant and easy to grow, it is prized for its prolific display of yellow flowers in February, which are followed by abundant, dark red fruit in early fall. 3860
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