Prunus armeniaca
One of the tastiest fruits, Apricots are delicious eaten fresh, canned and dried. Very popular in many regions of the world, they are best when fully ripe, sweet, tender and juicy. The cold wet winter and spring in the Pacific Northwest, west of the Cascade Mountains, has made growing Apricots a significant challenge here. We offer, and continue to search for, reliable Apricot varieties for our region, including Apricot relatives such as Flowering Apricots and Plum Hybrids.
Kanko Bai
Prunus mume
This popular variety is prized for its abundant, beautiful, fuchsia-red blooms, red tinted foliage, and large, orange-red fruit that looks like a small apricot. Kanko Bai’s fruit is particularly good for preserving, pickling and making syrup. 1584
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