Prunus dulcis
Everyone loves Almonds! One of the tastiest and most nutritious nuts, Almonds have been difficult to grow in many regions of the U.S. because their early blooms are hurt by frost. Our new Ukrainian varieties bloom at the same time as Peaches, avoiding damage from late frosts. Our varieties are from the Nikita Botanic Garden which has licensed us to grow and offer them in the U.S. Almonds are attractive, upright growing small trees prized for their profuse, pinkish-white, fragrant flowers. While Almonds are somewhat self-fertile, for best crops it is best to plant two varieties. They are hardy to about minus 25°F and like a location with at least half day sun and well-drained soil.
Add $1.00 royalty to the price of each Almond tree.
(Dessertniy cv.) A hardy, late-blooming variety, Bounty™ bears abundant crops of sweet, soft-shell nuts. 2510
Nikita’s Pride™
(Nikitskiy 2240 cv.) This hardy, very late-blooming variety bears good crops of large, high quality, soft-shell Almonds. 2518
(Foros cv.) Very late blooming and early ripening, Oracle™ bears good crops of large, sweet, semi-softshell nuts. 2512
(Alenia cv,) Productive and reliable, this hardy, very late-blooming variety bears good crops of sweet, soft-shelled nuts. 2505
(Primorskiy cv.) A very productive and reliable variety, Seaside™ is very late-blooming and bears good crops of sweet, semi-softshell Almonds. 2520
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