Akebia spp.
These unique and beautiful, semi-evergreen vines feature cascading deep green, semi-evergreen foliage, and profuse, delightfully fragrant flowers,. Flowers range in color from very dark purple to white. If two or more varieties are planted Akebia can produce unusual, light blue, 4"- 6" long, edible fruit. Akebia is hardy to approximately minus 30°F.
Deep Purple™
Akebia trifoliata
This rare, three leaf species forms a very attractive, semi-compact vine. Deep Purple™ is prized for its larger, deep green foliage and abundant, almost black, fragrant flowers. 9300
Purple Haze™
Akebia quinata
This new Japanese variety features attractive purple flowers and deep green foliage. Vigorous and trouble-free, Purple Haze™ is prized for its large, sweet fruit. 9305
Purple Incense™
Akebia x pentaphylla
This unique hybrid of the five leaf and three leaf Akebias features very dark purple, deliciously fragrant flowers and exceptionally large fruit. 9315
Purple Kimono™
Akebia trifoliata
This popular Japanese variety is prized for its beautiful, reddish-purple, fragrant flowers, cascading, dark-green foliage, and large, tasty fruit. 9325
Shiro Bana
Akebia quinata
This unique, Japanese garden beauty features cascades of pure white, fragrant blossoms accented by attractive, deep green foliage. 9330
Silver Bells™
Akebia quinata
One of the most vigorous varieties, Silver Bells™ is great for quickly covering a fence or arbor. Silver Bells™ features attractive, light pink, fragrant flowers and abundant, silver-blue fruit. 9340
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