Ribes uva-crispa
Close cousins of Currants, Gooseberries are highly prized in Europe, but are not so well known in North America. Our varieties offer large, sweet fruit good for fresh eating and preserves. Attractive small shrubs, Gooseberry plants rarely grow more than 3 feet in height and are hardy to minus 40°F.
Red Gooseberry
(Grigory #1 cv.) From Ukraine, this unique, thornless, easy to harvest variety bears good crops of sweet, flavorful berries. These pinkish-red berries are excellent for fresh eating and preserves. 5125
Hinnomaki Red
An attractive, disease-resistant variety from Finland, Hinnomaki Red bears heavy crops of large, sweet, dark red fruit. 5137
Jahn’s Prairie
One of our favorites, this very productive variety bears abundant harvests of large, sweet, flavorful, reddish-pink fruit. 5150
This unique, disease-resistant Canadian variety forms an attractive, upright small shrub. Selby produces good crops of sweet and tasty, large purple-red berries. 5162
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