Vitis spp.
One of the world's most popular and oldest cultivated fruits, Grapes have been grown for over 5000 years. Grapevines bring lush beauty to your landscape and are easy to grow on an arbor, fence or trellis. We offer seedless, sweet and delicious, disease-resistant table grapes and superior varieties of wine grapes, plus varieties prized for their ornamental value.
Wine Grapes
Our valuable Wine Grape varieties produce high quality fruit with a greater skin to berry ratio. This is important as the skin contains the highest concentrations of color, aroma and flavor. As these new varieties demonstrate, great wine is indeed made in the vineyard! Our Wine Grapes are self-fertile and hardy to minus 10°F.
Chardonnay Dijon 76
Vitis vinifera
This easy to grow variety produces abundant crops of fruit with above average sugar and moderate acidity. This Burgundian selection performs especially well in cool regions and produces distinctive white wines with a rich depth of flavors. 8810
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