Rubus spp.
Bursting with flavor, our delicious Oregon Blackberries are easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest and in other regions with mild winters. Even in colder areas, they can be grown by covering them in the winter with soil, straw or other insulating material. Our Blackberries are self-fertile and hardy to minus 10°F.
Thornless Blackberries
These unique varieties are very vigorous, productive, and disease resistant. Their lack of thorns makes them easy to care for.and harvest.
Black Satin
Rubus hybrid
Black Satin’s huge,2” long berries are great for fresh eating, pies, jam and and freezing. An easy-to-grow, vigorous, thornless variety, Black Satin is disease resistant and very productive. 7913
Rubus spp.
Chester features abundant crops of large, flavorful berries that ripen from late August until frost. These glossy, jet black berries are great for fresh eating and make tasty pies and smoothies. 7920
Triple Crown
Rubus hybrid
Remarkably disease-resistant and easy to grow, this outstanding variety can produce over 30 lbs. of large, juicy, flavorful fruit. Good for fresh eating, it also makes delicious pies, sauce and jam. 7960
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