Pyrus pyrifolia
One of the world’s most popular and delicious fruit, Pears grace us with their wonderful flavor, sweet, juicy flesh and attractive form. While European Pears are more familiar to North American gardeners, Asian Pears, with their crisp, juicy and flavorful fruit, are becoming increasingly popular.
Perry Pears
Perry Pears are a form of European Pear used to make Pear cider or Perry. Preferred by many to Apple cider, Perry is a delicious, fermented drink. You can also add this sharp flavored juice to regular Pear juice for a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink. Perry Pears are hardy to minus 25°F. Plant with another European Pear variety for cross pollination.
Pyrus communis
Brandy is prized for its attractive, russeted, red blushed fruit. Use it alone to make a medium-acid cider or blend it with Barland for sharper flavored juice. 0972
Hendre Huffcap
Pyrus communis
A favorite of cider makers in England, Hendre Huffcap is known for its high quality juice. Hendre Huffcap has perfect balance of tannin and acidity and makes a delicious cider by itself or blended with other varieties. 0975
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