Vaccinium spp.
Attractive fruiting shrubs, Blueberries feature flavorful, nutritious berries, beautiful spring flowers, brilliant fall color, and a range of sizes, hardiness and ripening dates. Blueberries are easy to grow, require little care and are seldom bothered by pests. While Blueberries and considered self-fertile, planting two varieties will ensure abundant crops.
Dwarf Blueberries
Hybrids of northern Highbush blueberries and wild Lowbush selections, these exceptionally cold hardy varieties are prized for their delicious, very flavorful, sweet-tart berries. Our dwarf varieties are hardy to minus 40°F or below.
Vaccinium corymbosum x V. angustifolium
Bred at the University of Minnesota, this 3-4 ft. tall, compact shrub produces abundant crops of light blue, sweet and tasty berries which ripen in July, Chippewa is also an attractive ornamental shrub with beautiful, reddish fall foliage. 5760
Vaccinium corymbosum x V. angustifolium
The hardiest of the varieties we offer, Northsky can withstand temperatures to minus 45°F. This 2 ft. tall variety produces delicious, wild-flavored berries which ripen in June. Northsky is also an attractive ornamental and features brilliant red fall color. 5785
Vaccinium corymbosum x V. angustifolium
This very compact Blueberry is prized for its snowy white, bell-shaped flowers followed by large, firm and flavorful, powder blue berries. In the fall TopHat featues fiery, crimson red foliage. TopHat grows to only 2 ft. in height, perfect for container growing. 5798
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