Often considered plants of the tropics, several Palm species are surprisingly hardy and grow will in the Pacific Northwest. Exotic, beautiful and stately trees., their striking, evergreen foliage and upright growth habit make a spectacular addition to any garden or landscape. Our Palms are grown from seed gathered in southern Russia where they are among the hardiest forms of their species in the world.
Jelly Palm
Butia capitata
Slow growing to 10 ft. or more in height, Jelly Palm can be grown in warm, protected areas of the Pacific Northwest. Jelly Palm features a brown, thatchy, thick trunk topped with a striking crown of downward curving, feathery, grayish-green leaves that can grow to more than 6 ft. in length. Jelly Palm produces long spikes of attractive white flowers followed by juicy, tasty, yellowish-orange fruit, which can be eaten fresh and is used to make tasty jams and jellies. Jelly Palm is hardy to about 15°F. 4620
Windmill Palm
Trachycarpus fortunei
This strikingly attractive and very hardy Palm is a spectacular addition to gardens and landscapes. Windmill Palm can be grown in the ground or in a container on a patio or deck. Windmill Palm can grow to 10-12 ft. in height and features long, dark green fronds. It is hardy to about 0°F.. 4660
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