Exotic and attractive ornamentals, Jasmines are valued for their beautiful and deliciously fragrant flowers. Our hardy varieties can be grown outdoors in our maritime Northwest climate and other mild winter areas. A south facing wall or fence is an ideal place for them to climb about.
Chilean Jasmine
Mandevilla laxa
A beautiful, deciduous, climbing vine, Chilean Jasmine's clusters of large, trumpet-shaped, white flowers fill the air in mid-summer to fall with a rich, gardenia-like fragrance. Chilean Jasmine also features attractive, long, lance shaped foliage and is hardy to 15°F. 9407
Pink Jasmine
Jasminum stephanense
An attractive and vigorous twining vine, Pink Jasmine's petite, soft green leaves complement the deliciously fragrant, soft-pink flowers. Pink Jasmine often blooms for two months or more and is hardy to 5º F. or below. 9414
Poet’s Jasmine
Jasminum officianale
This beautiful, compact, vining shrub features large, deep green foliage and profuse white and very fragrant flowers, which bloom from early summer to fall.Poet’s Jasmine is hardy to 0°F. 9440
Rose Jasmine
Jasminum polyanthum
This very attractive, lacy vine is prized for its large clusters of rose colored buds and richly fragrant, white flowers. Give this exotic and beautiful vine a warm spot in your landscape and enjoy the fragrant rewards. 9421
Star Jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides
This evergreen, vining shrub features large, glossy, dark green foliage and profuse, star-shaped, white flowers, which fill the air from summer to fall with their lovely fragrance. Star Jasmine is hardy to 10°F. or below and can be grown as a vine or as an attractive shrub or hedge. 9428
Variegated Star Jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides
This unique variation of Star Jasmine features creamy white and green foliage and compact growth habit. Grow Variegated Star Jasmine as a small shrub or a groundcover and enjoy its profuse, very fragrant, snow-white flowers. 9435
Winter Jasmine
Jasminum nudiflorum
Brighten up your landscape with the beautiful, yellow flowers of this attractive and hardy, vining shrub. Winter Jasmine blooms in January and is a beautiful plant of fence or arbor. 9442
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