Corylus avellana
Also known as Hazelnuts, these compact and attractive nut trees are prized for their delicious and nutritious nuts, Their striking, long, yellow, male catkins bloom in early winter and are followed by abundant nuts in September. While Filbert trees are hardy to minus 25°F., their flowers can be damaged at minus 15°F. Filberts are very drought resistant and can grow 10-12 ft. in height.
Corylus avellana
This disease-resistant selection from Oregon State University has become on the most popular commercial varieties and bears abundant crops of very large, delicious nuts. Plant Jefferson with Theta for cross-pollination. 3203
Corylus avellana
This recent Oregon State University introduction features abundant crops very flavorful, medium-size nuts.. Plant Theta with Jefferson or Eta for cross-pollination. 3217
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